The Return of Bud Melvin

'The Return of' is my first fully fleshed out CD with chip tunes and other experimental/pop weirdness.
I am selling it though Paypal and for those who don't like paypal.
The price is $12 US and I think it's a great deal.

(currently out of print)

You get about 50 minutes of music.
I'm offering all songs here to download and check out.
If you enjoy it, please think about donating with paypal or
buying the whole CD with lovingly handcrafted covers and a shiny silver circle.

1. Return download/listen
2. 1+1=1+1 (also appears on WM Rcordings Numerology Compilation) download/listen
3. Room 10 download/listen
4. He Said/She Said download/listen
5. goodbye piranha (also appears on Intik Records: Remusik compilation) download/listen
6. hi goldfish download/listen
7. Moonglow download/listen
8. Joyride (also appears on download/listen
9. Blood download/listen
10. Extramundane download/listen

I would really recommend this. I am very happy with the way it came out
and a lot of work went into the recording and packaging.

Thanks everyone for all of your love and support as always.
6 of these use little sound dj and the rest are good too
with weird keyboards and samples and live instruments and stuff.

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