Escape from Eden

At long last the new record is done!
I am selling it though Paypal and at shows.
The price is $12 US shipped.

(currently out of print)

You get about 40 minutes of music.
I'm offering all songs here to download and check out
If you enjoy it, please think about donating with paypal or
buying the whole CD with lovingly handcrafted covers and a shiny silver circle

1. Soul in Violet download/listen
2. Darkest Dreams download/listen
3. Water download/listen
4. 62 Miles (also appears on 8 Bit Peoples 8BP050 compilation) download/listen
5. Red download/listen
6. Joseph download/listen
7. For Example download/listen
8. 1000 years download/listen
9. The Bastard download/listen

I hope you like this record a lot. I worked very hard on it.
It's my best work so far and I think it's more of a traditional album than my past stuff.
There is a lot of country and western flavor and more than half of these are chiptunes of some sort.
I also want to mention what a fanatasic mastering job was done at Noise Miami by KRAMER.